Roadmap and scope

On this page you will find information on the roadmap and the scope of this project.


The roadmap for the STM32-base project has been moved to a Github project. Issues created on either the STM32-base or the repositories are tracked with in that project.

Issues listed on the project board are not guaranteed to be handled within a certain time frame. For now, the project board is a nice way to keep track of things that still need to be done.


The scope of a project like this one can grow rapidly. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on what should and what should not be a part of the STM32-base project.

If you have read the about page, you will know that the purpose of the STM32-base project is to provide you with a simple and easy to use base project for working with STM32 microcontrollers.

To keep things simple and easy to use, the STM32-base repository is limited to makefiles, linker scripts, and startup code. It will not contain any C or C++ code. The project templates are limited to only those files that are required to make the example project work.

All work on the STM32-base project is currently aimed at improving the documentation and polishing the base project. There are still a few major issues that need to be solved.