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  • STM32F103C8U6 - ST-LINK V2 Debugger

    ST-LINK V2 clone


    Board Name ST-LINK V2 clone
    Brand Unknown
    Origin AliExpress, China
    Microcontroller Part STM32F103C8U6
    Package UFQFPN48
    Core Cortex-M3
    FLASH 64KB
    SRAM 10KB
    Max. Clock Speed 72MHz
    Crystals HSE (High Speed External) 8MHz
    LSE (Low Speed External) No
    Power Sources USB connector (+5V)
    Regulator manufacturer Unknown
    Regulator part number Unkown (S2R0)</a>
    Regulator package SOT-23-5
    Output +3.3V
    Battery holder No
    Connectivity Headers None
    Specific None
    Debug SWD in (unpopulated 1x4 (1.25mm))
    SWD out (10-pin IDC)
    USB Male A
    I/O LEDs B
    Buttons, switches and jumpers None
    Other devices None
    PCB Colour Green
    Size 30mm x 15mm
    Mounting None
    • Note: This board is intended to use as ST-Link device to program and debug other STM32 and STM8 devices.


    ST-LINK V2 clone

    ST-LINK V2 clone Top view

    ST-LINK V2 clone Bottom view

    SWD out

    Pin Connected to
    RST PB6
    SWDIO PB12
    GND Ground plane
    GND Ground plane
    SWIM PB11
    3.3V +3.3V rail
    3.3V +3.3V rail
    5V +5V rail
    5V +5V rail

    SWD in

    Pin Connected to
      PA13 (SWDIO)
      Ground plane
      PA14 (SWCLK)
      +3.3V rail