STM32F103C8T6 - Maple Mini Clone

Maple Mini Clone


Board Name Maple Mini Clone
Brand Unknown
Origin AliExpress, China
Microcontroller Part STM32F103C8T6
Package LQFP48
Core Cortex-M3
Max. Clock Speed 72MHz
Crystals HSE (High Speed External) 8MHz
LSE (Low Speed External) None
Power Sources Any +3.3V pin (+3.3V)
USB connector (+5V)
Vin pin (+15V max.)
Regulator manufacturer Advanced Monolithic Systems Inc.
Regulator part number AMS1117
Regulator package SOT223
Output +3.3V @ 1000mA
Battery holder No
Connectivity Headers 2x 1x20 male dupont (2.54mm)
Specific None
Debug None
USB Mini
I/O LEDs User LED (d1=33, PB1, source)
Buttons, switches and jumpers Reset button (reset, NRST, active low)
User button (but=32, PB8 and BOOT0, active high)
Other devices None
PCB Colour Blue
Size 51mm x 18mm
Mounting Breadboard
  • Note: The user button is also connected the the BOOT0 pin. This means that this button should be pressed when flashing the microcontroller.
  • Trivia: This board is a clone of the official Maple Mini originally made by Leaflabs. The originial Maple Mini was designed to be used with the standard Arduino IDE. The official Maple products are no longer supported. The software has since been forked and is maintained under the STM32duino flag, supporting more boards than the original Maple project.


Maple Mini Clone

Maple Mini Clone Top view

Maple Mini Clone Bottom view

Header 1

Pin Connected to
Vcc +3.3V rail
GND Ground plane
14 PC13
13 PC14
12 PC15
reset NRST
11 PA0
10 PA1
9 PA2
8 PA3
7 PA4
6 PA5
5 PA6
4 PA7
3 PB0
2 PB2
1 PB10
0 PB11
Vin Regulator in

Header 2

Pin Connected to
31 PB12
30 PB13
29 PB14
28 PB15
27 PA8
26 PA9
25 PA10
24 PA11
23 PA12
22 PA13
21 PA14
20 PA15
19 PB3
18 PB4
17 PB5
16 PB6
15 PB7
but PB8
GND Ground plane
Vcc +3.3V rail


Pin Connected to
VCC Regulator in
D- PA11
D+ PA12
GND Ground plane