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  • STM32F103C8T6 - RobotDyn Black Pill

    RobotDyn Black Pill


    Board Name RobotDyn Black Pill
    Brand RobotDyn
    Origin AliExpress, China
    Microcontroller Part STM32F103C8T6
    Package LQFP48
    Core Cortex-M3
    FLASH 64KB
    SRAM 20KB
    Max. Clock Speed 72MHz
    Crystals HSE (High Speed External) 8MHz
    LSE (Low Speed External) 32.768kHz
    Power Sources Any +3.3V pin (+3.3V)
    Any +5V pin (+5V)
    USB connector (+5V)
    Regulator manufacturer Unkown
    Regulator part number Unkown (S20A)
    Regulator package SOT353
    Output +3.3V @ 180mA
    Battery holder No
    Connectivity Headers 2x 1x20 male dupont (2.54mm)
    Specific None
    Debug SWD (1x4 male dupont (2.54mm))
    USB Micro
    I/O LEDs Power LED (ON, +3.3V)
    User LED (L, PC13, sink)
    Buttons, switches and jumpers Reset button (RST, NRST, active low)
    2-way jumper (BOOT0)
    2-way jumper (BOOT1)
    Other devices None
    PCB Colour Black
    Size 53mm x 18mm
    Mounting Breadboard
    • Warning: The +5V pins on this board are directly connected to the +5V pin of the USB connector. There is no protection in place. Do not power this board through USB and an external power supply at the same time.
    • Trivia: This board is a variation on the better known Blue Pill.



    RobotDyn Black Pill

    RobotDyn Black Pill Top view

    RobotDyn Black Pill Bottom view

    Header 1

    Pin Connected to
    GND Ground plane
    GND Ground plane
    3V3 +3.3V rail
    B11 PB11
    B10 PB10
    B1 PB1
    B0 PB0
    A7 PA7
    A6 PA6
    A5 PA5
    A4 PA4
    A3 PA3
    A2 PA2
    A1 PA1
    A0 PA0
    C15 PC15
    C14 PC14
    C13 PC13

    Header 2

    Pin Connected to
    3V3 +3.3 rail
    GND Ground plane
    5V +5V rail
    B9 PB9
    B8 PB8
    B7 PB7
    B6 PB6
    B5 PB5
    B4 PB4
    B3 PB3
    A15 PA15
    A12 PA12
    A11 PA11
    A10 PA10
    A9 PA9
    A8 PA8
    B15 PB15
    B14 PB14
    B13 PB13
    B12 PB12


    Pin Connected to
    VCC +5V rail
    D- PA11
    D+ PA12
    ID N.C.
    GND Ground plane


    Pin Connected to
    GND Ground plane
    CLK PA14
    DIO PA13
    3V3 +3.3V rail