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  • STM32F103T8U6 - CJMCU 3206

    CJMCU 3206


    Board Name CJMCU 3206
    Brand CJMCU
    Origin AliExpress, China
    Microcontroller Part STM32F103T8U6
    Package VFQFPN36
    Core Cortex-M3
    FLASH 64KB
    SRAM 20KB
    Max. Clock Speed 72MHz
    Crystals HSE (High Speed External) 8MHz
    LSE (Low Speed External) No
    Power Sources Any +3.3V pin (+3.3V)
    Any +5V pin (+5V)
    Regulator manufacturer Microchip Technology Inc.
    Regulator part number MIC5219 (LG33)
    Regulator package SOT23-5
    Output +3.3V @ 500mA
    Battery holder No
    Connectivity Headers 2x 1x8 male dupont (2.54mm)
    Specific Power (2x wire solder terminals)
    HC06 Bluetooth module footprint
    Debug None
    USB None
    I/O LEDs Power LED (+3.3V)
    Bluetooth module LED
    Buttons, switches and jumpers User button (BP7)
    User button (PB6)
    User button (PB5)
    User button (PB4)
    Other devices None
    PCB Colour Purple
    Size 35mm x 28mm
    Mounting 4x mounting hole (M3)


    CJMCU 3206

    CJMCU 3206 Top view

    CJMCU 3206 Bottom view

    Header 1

    Pin Connected to
    +5V +5V rail
    GND Ground plane
    D4 PA4
    D3 PA3
    D2 PA2
    D1 PA1
    PB7 PB7
    PB6 PB6

    Header 2

    Pin Connected to
    CLK PA14
    DIO PA13
    URX PB15
    UTX PB14
    GND Ground plane
    3.3 +3.3V rail
    +5V +5V rail