Development boards

This page contains a list of all the STM32 development board pages currently available on this wiki. Every board page describes one unique kind of development board, both Chinese development boards and official ST development boards.

The board pages contain one main table with different groups of information on the board. After that follow three pictures of the board (perspective, top view and bottom view). After the pictures, the pinouts of the different headers and connectors are listed. Headers and their pins are listed clock-wise (based on the top view) with the outer pin first (for double row headers). Click here to jump to the boards list.

Warning: Most Chinese development boards do not have any kind of protection on the +5V rail. This means that the +5V pin of the USB connector is directly connected to any +5V/VIN pin on the development board. Always check if this is the case when you’re connecting your development board to an external power source while using the USB port.

Warning: The listed power output for the on board regulators is based on their datasheets. The Chinese development boards may use a fake/clone/counterfeit regulator which is less capable than the real part. Do not push the on board regulators to their limits.

Note: Although these pages have been written with great care, they will contain errors. Always double check your connections, especially power connections.


STM32F0 boards

STM32F1 boards

STM32F2 boards

STM32F4 boards

STM32F7 boards